WAEC Clarifies Issues On Exam Remarking, Outstanding & Withheld Results

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) has clarified issues concerning remarking of answer scripts, Outstanding Result, and Withheld Result”
WAEC made this known while responding to questions from concerned individuals on the recently released WAEC results.
According to WAEC, the first step towards getting your exam or answer script remarked (if you feel that you were scored below what you should have scored) is to notify the school where you took the examination. The school will then forward an application on your behalf to the West African Examination Council (WAEC). This application must be received 60 days after the release of the results and will attract a fee.
The council further explained what it means to have an “Outstanding Result” or With Held Result”.
From the explanation, “Outstanding Result” simply means pending results. This implies that there may be errors from the affected candidate either during registration or during the examination that are being corrected. The results that fall in this category have a high chance of being released.
“Withheld or held Results” on the other hand signifies that the affected candidate violated the rules & regulations guiding the conduct of the examination. The fate of the results that fall in this category will be decided during the National Executive Council meeting that will be held later in the year. However, such results may or may not be released.

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