The Closure of Nigerian Universities due to COVID19 was part of the measures to curtail the spread of the Pandemic, and though the schools are shut all over the world, technical and medical researchers are working assiduously to provide a vaccine.

From different corners of the Nation’s learning centres, virologists and molecular biologists have dived from different directions into the expansive world of COVID-19 puzzle.In all Fairness, the Nigerian University community has made some significantly innovative paths Yet, the wide gap between investment in Education abroad and Nigeria accounts for a Large percentage of Failure to Produce a Standard Vaccine.

The case of Federal University Oye-Ekiti is peculiar.

Though Students are not in school, yet there are developmental Projects going on with a view to ensure a better Learning Environment, which will enhance the appetite of Facilitators and would-be Medical Researchers.

FUOYE resumed just two months before the COVID19 pandemic, after the infamous September 11 tragedy that claimed the lives of two students and without doubt, academic programmes will be rushed when Students resume.

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